Zendesk Tickets for Lab Assistants

A Guide to Ticketing in Zendesk

When should you create a ticket?

Always. Even for small things, like a student asking how to access Isilon,. This will help us track which problems are being encountered most often and develop better materials to educate our users with.

There are two basic types of tickets to create: internal tickets and external tickets. An internal ticket is for anything broken or problematic in the labs and will be sent directly to Kim. External tickets address questions posed by users – these users will be copied on the progress of the ticket via their email address.

Signing into Zendesk:

Open up the Post Production website (postproduction.emerson.edu) and click sign in. Enter your Emerson credentials.

On the top of the page, click the four boxes and select “Support” to get to your ticketing page.

Creating a Ticket:

Click the “+ Add” button at the top of the page and select “Ticket”


The first thing you should do is apply a macro. This will give you relevant fields to fill out AND it will ensure that the ticket is saved properly in the DPL group. Click “apply macro” at the bottom of the page and select the most relevant option: software ticket for bugs, errors, and troubleshoots; hardware ticket for physical hardware issues; and user ticket for questions like “How do I use this effect in Premiere?” or “How do I use the Wacom tablet?”


On the left, fill out the required fields. Do not CC or share with anyone (Kieran will do that if necessary). Add the user’s name, their class, (location should already be set to DPL) and select the most relevant option under “about.”


After that, fill out the Subject and Body of the ticket with as much information as you can gather. Take down the project, the sequence settings, the footage’s codec/camera. Find out if the footage is transcoded or not. Ask if they are using plug-ins. If there is an error message, be sure to include that. Outline any solutions that you tried, even if they weren’t successful. If you have solved the problem, make note of how under solution.

Once the ticket is filled out, you must submit it under the correct category. If the ticket is unsolved, you can simply click “Submit as open” If you have solved the issue, you can select the “^” and click “Submit as Solved” to change the button. Click “Submit as solved” again.

If you truly cannot find a solution, refer the user to the hours of a Lab Assistant that you think can help them or Kieran. As always, take down the software, resolution, frame rate, codec, and hard drive format of the user.Picture4.png

If you see an open ticket that you think you can solve, by all means go for it! That’s what we are here for.


Zendesk is our ticketing system, but it also hosts our Post Production Website. Take some time to look around our website and familiarize yourself with the various resources, especially under the General and Workflows sections. These are really great references for some of our more common questions. Work related guides exist under General/Labbies only, but you must be signed in to see these.


One useful article for Labbies to read is “Understanding Codecs, Proxies, and Transcoding”


Kieran and the other Labbies are here to help you get acclimated, so never be afraid to ask questions! Kieran’s office is located at the end of the hall, room 802.