WebCheckout for Lab Assistants

Picking up a Reservation

  1. In WebCheckout, navigate to the "Allocations" menu and select "Find Upcoming."Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_12.59.04_PM.png
  2. Set your parameters as needed:
    • Make sure the correct Checkout Center is selected
    • Start: Earliest Scheduled (tip: Kieran like to set this to 9:00am)
    • Start: Latest Scheduled (tip: Kieran likes to set this to 10:00pm)Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_12.59.38_PM.png
  3. Now you should see a list of reservations in your checkout center for the day. If they are not sorted, you can click "Start Time" to sort everything by the scheduled pickup time.Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.06.49_PM.png
  4. Locate the reservation that is ready for pickup. Click the "CK" number in blue.Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.06.06_PM.png
  5. Select "Pickup."
  6. Enter your PIN and you're all set!
    • Note: If you do not see "Pickup" as an option for a reservation, the user might be early. In this case, select "Edit for Pickup" to turn the reservation into an immediate checkout.

Returning a Checkout

  1. Navigate to the "Allocations" menu, then "Find Checkouts"Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.19.50_PM.png
  2. Locate the checkout being returned and click on the blue CK number. Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.20.45_PM.png
  3. If it is your first return of the day, you will probably be brought to the People tab - select the "Contents" tab.Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.21.50_PM.png
  4. Under "Contents" you can select "return all" to return an entire checkout. In some cases, someone will return one item out of a larger checkout. If this happens, use the checkboxes on the right and select "Return Selected."Screen_Shot_2021-09-07_at_1.24.00_PM.png
  5. Enter your pin - you're all set!

Making a Checkout

  1. Click the “Allocations” menu at the top of the page and select “New Checkout” from the dropdown.
  2. Type the Student’s name next to “Checkout for:” in the yellow bar and hit enter. 
  3. A menu may appear reading “Multiple matches found.” If this happens, select the correct name by double-clicking it. 

  4. The student’s name should now appear twice, as seen below.
    If the name does not appear twice, that mean the system has not found the student and you will not be able to complete the checkout. Check your spelling and, if necessary, see if the student was made inactive by searching their name under "People/Find People."

  5. Now it’s time to add items to the checkout. The interface is sorted into 3 sections, which you can think of as the Types, Resources, and Checkout windows. The easiest method to make a checkout in the DPL is using our barcode scanner, but you could also select the item manually.3.png
  6. To use the barcode scanner, make sure box to the left of “Add Resource” is selected and simply scan the barcode of the resource. It should automatically appear in the Checkout window above this box.

  7. To select the item manually, select the resource type on the left. The resources for this type should now appear in the middle “Resources” window. Each of our cables, headphones, & accessories are numbered, so be sure to add the correct number to the checkout. This becomes especially important when items are damaged or missing. 4.png
  8. Double click the resource and it will be sent to the Checkout window on the right.

  9. Now we have to set the length of the checkout. Most of the time, students will ask for the full four hours. In this case, you can hit “Apply” next to “Default Return Time.” 5.png
    Otherwise you can think of the bottom window as a Timeline and drag the green box to the desired time.  6.pngAnother option is to enter the return time manually in the area under your checkout window. Just click the return time to reveal a keypad.

  10. Hit Commit.

  11. You will be brought to a new interface. Hit Confirm Checkout

  12. You will be asked for your pin. Type it and hit enter.

  13. To be sure your checkout went through, open the “Allocations” menu and click “Find checkouts”

Making a Reservation

Now that you know how to make a checkout, making a reservation is easy! It’s the same process, except under the “Allocations” menu, select “New Reservation”

Once you get to the step where you select an end time, you will also have to select a pickup time. This can be done the same way - entered manually or by dragging the timeline scheduler.

NOTE: All Fall 2021 reservations should be made online using the Patron Portal.

DPL Inventory Report

WebCheckout is crucial to smooth operations at the DPL. We mainly use the program for checkouts, reservations, and inventory. Workflow guides for each of these processes can be found on our post production website. Below is an overview of inventory, the most complicated of WebCheckout processes.

Inventory is crucial – it must be completed at the end of every day. Here’s how to do it right:

In WebCheckout, navigate to the inventory page by selecting the "Resources" menu, then "Perform Inventory"


That should bring up this screen:7.png

Set “DPL Annex” as the home location. Type slowly and it will come up as an option. Next, simply scan every item in the office. Make sure you have ‘clicked on to’ the barcodes box and that you don’t ‘click off’ of it while scanning – otherwise you’ll have to start over.

While one employee is scanning, the other can help out by opening up tablet boxes, orienting the tablet pens for easy scanning, and orienting headphones in the cases with their barcodes up.8.png

When you’re done scanning, select all the barcodes (CMD + A) and copy them to the clipboard. Hit “Accept Barcodes”. If any resources show up as unscanned, paste the entire list back in, re-set the home location, and find and scan those resources. NEVER enter a barcode for a resource that you do not physically have. If items are missing, email Kieran immediately.