Avid License Checkouts (Summer 2021)


Avid Media Composer licenses are available *by request* for students enrolled in VM376 Editing for Film and Video, VM476 Advanced Editing, or VM632 Editing (Graduate Level).


To request a license, please email: kieran_mckeon@emerson.edu


Please note that these licenses are allocated to you through the end of the Summer 2021 semester. All software checkouts will be recorded by Digital Post Production. At the conclusion of the semester, you will be expected to deactivate your license based on our instructions. Failure to deactivate your license and complete your checkout will result in a hold on your account. If you drop the course or if you need to uninstall Avid Media Composer at any point during the semester, please be sure to deactivate your license first.


Licenses must be returned by: August 30


Installing Avid Media Composer

In order to install Avid Media Composer:
  • Download the Avid Media Composer Installers that we have made available on Google Drive. Both Mac and PC versions are available: Avid Media Composer Installers (link must be accessed using your Emerson Google Account)
  • Open the Installer and follow the on screen instructions. For a more detailed breakdown, see the Installation Tutorial Video for Mac or PC
  • This process will install both the Avid Media Composer editing application and another application named "Avid Link." We will use Avid Link to enter your licensing information for Media Composer. Once the installations have finished, continue to the licensing steps below. 

Licensing Media Composer

  • Open the "Avid Link" application
  • Click the "Profile" tab and check that you are NOT signed into your Avid account. If you are logged in, be sure to sign out before you continue.
  • Navigate to the "Products" tab
  • Click the drop-down arrow and next to Media Composer select "license" from the menu
  • Select "Enter Manually" at the top of the licensing window
  • You will be asked for a System ID and Activation ID - sent via email by Kieran McKeon to those who have requested a license - please note that these are unique and assigned to you specifically. Do not share this information with anyone.
  • Activation may take a few minutes while Avid Link communicates with the license server. Please be patient. Once finished, you can launch Avid Media Composer.
  • The next time you launch Avid, you will still be prompted to choose your mode of licensing - choose the 'Electronic' activation via Avid Link. Moving forward, you should be running the fully licensed version of Avid Media Composer Ultimate.