VM376, VM476, VM632 - Catalina and Big Sur Users - Exporting as H.264

If you are working in Mac OS Catalina, you may notice that your export settings do not look exactly the same as editors using older OS like Mojave. The good news is that you can still export to common codecs like H.264, Apple ProRes, or DNxHR - we just need to look somewhere new.

Exporting as H.264

H.264 is an extremely common codec because it compresses your video to a manageable file size without sacrificing too much quality. Here's how to export an H.264 format file in Catalina:

Navigate to File/Output/Export to file...


Name your file (above) and select "options" (below)

Note: Avid gives us some presets above the option button, but anything you choose there will be overridden by our choices in the next menu.


The first setting on the next menu will be "Export as" - select MOV.


Make sure that "Video" and "Audio" BOTH have check marks - if not, you will be missing one or the other. 

Click the drop-down menu next to "Codec Family" and select H.264



Check that your audio is set to stereo (unless you have intentionally mixed for mono or 5.1)

If your project settings were set to match your source footage when you started your project, then the rest of your settings (raster dimensions, aspect ratio, etc.) should be correct. If you need to check the source settings of your footage, refer to the Project Index available alongside your class projects in Google Drive. 

Click Save and you will be brought back to the Finder 'save as' page.

Double check that you have chosen the proper file name and target location for your file then click save again to begin exporting! This process may take a few minutes depending on the length of your edit.