Fall 2021 EML COVID-19 Policies & Information

Fall 2021 Emerging Media Lab

COVID-19 Policies & Information

Subject to change; last updated 9/20/21.

Updated: Links and email, and parts of lab protocol reflecting current COVID knowledge.

Mandatory Policies

  • All students, faculty and staff must wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the Emerging Media Lab (EML).
  • All students, faculty and staff must wear masks at all times while in the EML. If a mask must be lowered for any reason, that individual must leave the classroom.
  • No consuming food or beverages of any kind within the EML.

EML Schedule

    • All on-campus sessions are labeled.
    • No users will be allowed into the EML during sanitization times, marked in red.
    • Open-lab time is displayed in white.
    • Eugene will be on campus from 9AM until 5PM.

Classroom Configuration

  • All computer workstations will be placed 3ft apart in the 312 lab, and the collapsing wall will be kept open permanently throughout the semester. See images below.
  • All four rolling tables have been arraigned along the outside of the 309 Studio so that three students may be seated at each. The tables can be folded up and placed against the walls to allow the 309 VR system to be used.
  • Please Note:
    • The EML flatbed scanner has been moved to the 309 Studio workstation. See the Equipment Use section below for more information.
    • For classes that are not filled to capacity, I would advise students to use computers that are further apart from each other.
    • If a faculty member would like to request a change to the 312 workstation configuration during the semester, be aware that it will need to be configured over the weekend when no classes are using the space.





Class Entry and Exit Protocol

  • Classes will enter through the 312 door after washing their hands or using hand sanitizer.
  • Students will follow the marked walking directions and sit at a workstation.
  • At the end of class, students will follow the marked walking directions to exit the classroom through the 309 door. Students will not wipe down their workstations after use.



  • No walk-in reservations permitted. All reservations must be set up 12 hours in advance to allow EML staff time to safely distribute the hardware.
  • No group reservations permitted.
  • Most reservations can be made via the WebCheckout Patron Portal
  • For all other reservations or questions, please contact the EML staff at emlsupport@emerson.edu
  • For any special requests, please contact Sasha directly at eugene_kuznetsov@emerson.edu

Equipment Use Protocols

  • EML Workstations (Ansin 312) -   Workstations are available for reservations through the WebCheckout PatronPortal. 
  • Wacom Digital Pens and Cintiq Drawing Monitors -   Pens will only be available for reservations through PatronPortal, and will require a workstation reservation be included. Pens will be placed at the reserved workstation before the reservation begins. Users will leave the pen at the workstation when their reservation is complete, and then pens will be retrieved and sanitized by EML staff. 
  • Epson 12000XL Flatbed Scanner - Flatbed scanner will only be available via email request. Users will be required to wash or sanitize their hands before interacting with the scanner. The scanner will be sanitized by EML staff after use by a class or an individual using microfiber cloths.
  • Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Flatbed Scanner - VM204 students can reserve time with the 2450 scanner via the Patron Portal or email. Users will be required to sanitize their hands before using the scanner. After scanning is complete, and the scanner has been shut off, users will lightly wipe down the power buttons and lid handle with an alcohol wipe. EML staff will clean the scanner with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol after class use.
  • VR Systems (HMD and Controllers) -  VR systems are only available via online reservation, and will require a VR Suite or EML Workstation reservation be included. 24hr turnaround time for disinfecting of VR System due to headset foam inserts. Users will be required to wash their hands before using the hardware. VR systems are kept in the EML office (314) until reserved by a student or faculty member. The VR suite or EML workstation will be equipped with the VR system in advance of the reservation time by EML staff, and then collected and sanitized by EML staff afterwards.
  • VR Suites - VR suite reservations made by students not doing VR production will not need to reserve the VR headset. VR suite reservations will have a 15 minute lead time for any set-up, and a 1 hour turnaround time for sanitization of the workstation and suite.
  • VR Studio - The 309 studio space will be available for reservation as it was in previous semesters, and will follow a similar protocol to the VR suites: studio reservations will have a 15 minute lead time for any set-up, and a 1 hour turnaround time for sanitization of the workstation and suite.
  • Artec Eva Scanner - Artec Eva Scanner will continue to only be available to faculty via email request. Scanner will be sanitized by EML staff using microfiber cloths. 1 hour turnaround time.
  • Leica BLK 360 Scanner -  EML users must wear gloves while using the Leica BLK360. Assuming EDC will handle sanitization of this scanner. See page 31-32 of the user manual for cleaning procedure.
  • EML Print Kiosk - EML users must inform EML staff whenever the print kiosk has been used. The print kiosk will be sanitized after each use, and at the end of each day.