BFA Information - Fall 2019

Acceptable Submission Formats


Quicktime - Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 4444 (.mov) - Mac

DNxHR HQX or DNxHR 444 (.mxf) - PC

(NOTE: H.264 is a compressed codec for web delivery, not cinematic projection)

We will take these master files and create DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) for each submission. If you would like a copy of your DCP, contact the post team.

Acceptable Resolutions for screenings in the Bright


1920 x 1080 (16:9 - HD)*

1998 x 1080 (1.85:1 - 2K Flat)

2048 x 1080 (17:9 - 2K Full)**

2048 x 858 (2.39:1 - 2K Scope)

3996 x 2160 (1.85:1 - 4K Flat)

4096 x 2160 (17:9 - 4K Full)**

4096 x 1716 (2.39:1 - 4K Scope)


*HD projects will be pillarboxed to fit inside a 2K Flat DCP

**17:9 is not a standard screening aspect ratio, however we have the ability to project 17:9 in the Bright Family Screening Room. This may not be the case elsewhere, if you intend to submit your work to festivals.

Audio Mixing


BFA students are expected to coordinate with their audio mixer on their own. The Post team is not responsible for assigning a mixer to your project, however we are happy to help with the process by forwarding your request to the audio faculty. From there, it is your responsibility to follow up with students and faculty. Please contact the post team (emails listed below) with any requests regarding audio mixers.

If you plan on mixing in 5.1 surround, please also deliver six corresponding mono audio tracks labeled C, L, Ls, R, Rs, and LFE. Contact the post team if you have questions about this.



We accept files in person or over Google Drive. A physical hard drive can be brought to to any of the post managers, or you may upload and share the file with us ( using your Emerson Google Drive account.

If we do not have your submission by the specified due date, you will not be guaranteed a DCP or QC.

Important Dates


Due Date:
9:00am February 10th, 2020

QC Dates:
April 20-28th - schedule will be determined soon

Final Screenings:
Friday May 8th & Saturday May 9th



For more submissions and information, please contact the Post team: will contact our entire team, or reach out individually:


Kieran - Digital Post - Ansin 802 -

Tim - Film Post - Ansin 606D - 

Pierre - Post Manager & Audio Post - Ansin 702 -