Digitizing VHS

Digitizing from VHS Tapes

Canopus Setup

This is what the Canopus looks like:


  • Make sure that the VHS audio and video outputs (red, yellow, and white RCA cables) are connected to the inputs on the front of the Canopus.
  • Check that the firewire cable from the back of the Canopus is connected to the computer.
  • Turn the Canopus on with the switch on the back. Two blue lights and one red light will appear on the front of the device.
  • Press the silver button on the top of the Canopus until the blue light near "Analog In" is the only one of the two that is on.
  • Make sure that your VHS deck is the only deck that is connected and on.

Capturing with Premiere

  • Insert your VHS tape.
  • Open Adobe Premiere CC.
  • If you want to tweak your capture settings, they can be found under Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Capture.
  • Navigate to File > Capture.
  • In the capture window, use the controls to fast forward and rewind your video.
  • You can capture the entire tape by selecting "Tape" in the bottom right, or you can mark in and out points and select "In/Out".
  • Your captured video will appear as new clips in the project window.