Troubleshooting Audio: DPL Labs


Audio problems are some of the most frequent issues reported in our spaces. Select which space you are in from the table of contents above and give the steps listed there a try. If you still can't get your audio working, come find a lab assistant in room 810 for assistance.

DPL1, DPL2, or the VEL

Teacher’s Station

  • First, make sure the volume on the computer is turned all the way up. You can check by clicking on the volume icon in the top right of your screen.
  • Check that the volume control knob is turned up. (Only in DPL1 and VEL)Screen_Shot_2017-01-05_at_1.48.52_PM.png
  • Make sure that your headphones are plugged into the dock on the desk in front of you. None of our open labs use speakers, so headphones are required. If you don't have any, check a pair out from 810!
  • Ensure that you are outputting audio through USB Audio CODEC. Do this by holding down ALT and clicking on the volume icon in the top left of the screen. Select "USB Audio CODEC" from the dropdown menu.



  • If you are working in Premiere, check to see if any of your tracks are muted or soloed. In projects with more audio tracks, it can be easy to accidentally solo a track without noticing.

Premiere_Mute.png                              Premiere_Solo.png


  • If you can't hear audio in an editing program or when viewing your clips in finder, try playing a YouTube video. If the audio works, that indicates that the problem is with the program or your clips.
  • If editing in any Adobe Creative Cloud program, navigate to Preferences > Audio Hardware


  •  Make sure the Default Output is set to USB Audio CODEC.




  • If editing in Avid, make sure that the monitor volume is not muted. To do so, find the mute icon just above the timeline window and make sure there isn't a red slash through it.