Spring 2021 Workshops

Spring 2021 Online Workshop Offerings:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve


All materials and relevant information will be sent via email within *3 business days* to those who sign up using the links below. 


Premiere Pro

This workshop will cover the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, from starting a project and importing to editing and exporting. 

"Live" Premiere workshops will be held via zoom - TBD

The asynchronous workshop is available for completion at any time. 

Live Premiere Workshop

Monday March 1st - 10:00am-1:00pm via zoom

To sign up for the live workshop, please use this form: Live Premiere Sign-up

Asynchronous Premiere Workshop

Students will not be working with a live instructor but they will still have access to support as they work through the course. Available any time. 

To sign up for the asynchronous workshop, please use this form: Asynchronous Premiere Sign-up

Color Correction Workshop

Color Correction workshops will utilize DaVinci Resolve. Please note that this workshop is only available asynchronously for Spring 2021.


To sign up for the Davinci Resolve Color Correction Workshop, please use this form: Color Correction Sign-up


We highly advise students book an editing suite for this workshop using our Patron Portal. Davinci Resolve 16 is also available as a Free Download (Please note that the full "studio" version is not free, but it will not be necessary for this workshop)