BA Information


contact Christina Hunt with any questions regarding your post process, due dates, to schedule a mix



December 15, 2017


Due Dates:

December 11, 2017 at 10am  (Ansin 606A) 


Delivery Specifications:

High resolution Apple Pro Res File (422HQ or 4444)

native frame rate (most often 23.98FPS)

native resolution (typically 1080, 2k or 4k)

final aspect ratio (typically 1.78, 1.85 or 2.39)


Sound Mix

Fall 2017 mixes will occur between November 27 - Dec 10. Must be scheduled with Christina Hunt by November 15th.


Color Correction

We offer color correction workshops.  Please visit the post workshops calendar for dates.  It is highly recommended that you and your colorist attend these workshops.  If a workshop does not have any students signed-up 6 hours prior to the start time, we will cancel the workshop so please sign up ASAP.


Please sign-up for workshops here:

Advanced Color Correction Workshop Part 1 

This workshop will cover how to move from your NLE (Premiere or Avid) into Resolve, best practices for media management, primary correction, scopes and rendering your corrections to go back to editing software.  Demo media will be provided.

Advanced Color Correction Workshop Part 2 

This workshop will delve into how to think through the grading process creatively with tips and tricks from professional colorist Rob Bessette from FinishPost.  Rob will walk you through grading Log footage, day for night, shot matching, and mixed lighting.  If you have questions about a specific shot or scene from your project, we encourage to bring your media already loaded into a Resolve project to the workshop.  You should try to grade the material prior to the workshop so you can ask specific questions.

On Wednesday 11/29 from 5-10pm (Ansin 810) we will offer Adv. Color Correction Support Hours in Prep for Part 2 workshop in Avid or Premiere if you need additional assistance getting your footage into Resolve.