Exporting from Premiere


This guide will show you how to export your movie from Adobe Premiere. It will cover the exporting process and the different codec options you can use for your export.



When you are ready to export your timeline, set your IN and OUT points by pressing the “i” key for your inpoint and the “o” key for your outpoint. This will highlight the section of the timeline you want to export.




Go up to the menu at the top of the screen. Click FILE > EXPORT > MEDIA.



A dialog box will appear with all of your exporting options.


Click on the “Output Name” highlighted in BLUE to set the location of your exported file on your hard drive.



This will open up a window where you can select the location of your file. You can also rename the file in this window. When you are finished, click SAVE.




Exporting an H.264 file (.mp4)

One of the most popular export codecs in Premiere is H.264. In general, this is the codec you would use to post something to a website like Youtube or Vimeo. Selecting this option will produce a .mp4 file. To export in this format, click the FORMAT drop down menu and select H.264. For more information on Codecs, see our guide here.



Exporting a Quicktime file (.mov)

Another popular export codec in Premiere is Quicktime. This codec produces a much larger file than an H.264 but is better suited for screenings. Selecting this option will produce a .mov file. To export in this format, click the FORMAT drop down menu and select QUICKTIME



Under the PRESET drop down menu, select Apple ProRes 422.

For more information on codecs, see our guide here.



File Size

There are times when you must export your media so that the file is smaller than a specific size, such as uploading to Vimeo. Before you hit export, you are able to see an estimated file size.



Adjusting the Target Bit Rate (under the Video tab) will allow you to adjust the estimated file size. The lower the bitrate, the small your file will be.


Finishing your Export

Once you have selected the correct settings for your exported file, CLICK Export in the bottom right hand corner of the dialog box.